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As a fire service instructor I have a passion for teaching. I have also seen over my long career the results of carelessness and ignorance when it comes to firearms use and safety. I have been an avid hunter and shooter for my whole life. I have three kids who have been educated  at a young age to ensure they are aware of what they can do as well as how to handle them safely.

When I started working as a range safety officer I saw the need for better firearms training. As I started researching training I found it to be very expensive. I thought to myself, 'I can provide better training at a lower price'. I ventured out to start my own business. First taking NRA Basic Pistol then becoming a NRA and USCCA Instructor. As a NRA and USCCA Instructor I was able to blend the NRA Marksmanship style training with the USCCA Defensive style pistol training. As a Maryland Wear and Carry permit holder I understand the great responsibility one has while carrying a firearm. 

Our second amendment is a very sacred one. One that we cannot take lightly. As it is under constant attack. It is our responsibility as gun owners to be educated and vigilant in our firearms use and training. 

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